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5on Google,Nov 28, 2023


I'm new to larger vehicles and I bought this RV used a couple weeks ago. It felt unwieldy on the road. It would wobble and sway, almost going into the other lane. I was a bit scared of going full highway speed. I chalked it up to just not being use to such a large vehicle. Just for general good vehicle maintenance, i wanted to get an alignment check. I was referred to here and they were able to schedule an appointment for me pretty quickly. Driving this feels like a night and day difference! It handles and drives so much more stable and smooth after they took care of adjusting the alignment! I'm very happy with the work they performed.

5on Google,Nov 05, 2023


Second time there. Their staff is experienced and customer service is exceptional. Would highly recommend Pete's.

5on Google,Nov 03, 2023

Berdoo 1 3 1

I work for Interstate Truck Center, a mobile mechanic service. Pete's Tire always takes care of me in a timely manner. It doesn't matter which location I visit, same service, the BEST!!!

5on Google,Oct 27, 2023


very good tire repair specialists. and they don’t charge much for services. Well done. I am very glad that such places exist. always be like this.

5on Google,Oct 26, 2023


A friend of a friend recommended Pete’s and I’m glad I listened. They provided me with honest and quality service. Thank you Brian and everyone at Pete’s for your help. I’ll definitely be back!

5on Google,Oct 09, 2023


Great Service! Knowledgeable, professional, very speedy service! Thank you Pete's

5on Google,Sep 26, 2023


This place is dedicated to doing the right thing for a customer. I came to them the first time to help them troubleshoot a mysterious problem with my RVs front end that nobody had successfully been able to troubleshoot. Peter found the problem and corrected it at almost no cost in a few hours. A year later I came to them again, and they were able to help me through a very sticky situation in the way of friend helps a friend. I couldn't ask for more. As we left, my wife and I agreed that they have to be our only supplier for our automotive needs. The best!

5on Google,Sep 10, 2023


Excellent Service

5on Google,Sep 09, 2023


Got there 15min before closing. The staff still helped me out. God bless you.